Meet the Spencer & Son's Plumbing Team

Locally owned and operated plumbing business in Canberra since 1927. Spencer and Son's plumbing are dedicated to providing exceptional service to the Canberra community.



Peter is the "father" of Spencer & Sons Plumbing as we know it. He took on the family tradition in 1980 from his dad, and later on renamed the family business when he welcomed his own son into his family. He has recently semi retired but still keeps involved in the business. When you employ Spencer & Sons Plumbing you are tapping into generations of experience


Linda is one of our office ladies. She is the mother figure in the family business, being the wife of Peter, and the mother and mother-in-law to Simon and Steve. She started working in the office in 1980, worked full time while raising 4 kids then stepped down to part time when her Sons took over the business.


Simon son of Peter, began working for the family business when he was just 17. He finished his apprenticeship in 2005. In 2016, Simon took over the business alongside his Brother in law Steve. His wife Hayley works in the office as the Admin Lady.


Steve began his plumbing apprenticeship in 2007 and became fully qualified in 2015. He married into the Spencer clan in 2014 but wanted to complete his apprenticeship with his previous employer. In 2016 he moved to the family business and became co-owner with Simon.


Hayley is one of our office ladies. She books all appointments and does all the office administrator side of things. She married plumber Simon in 2009, and they now have 3 little girls. She started working part time for the family business in 2015 and started full time in 2016 when her husband became co-owner.

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