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    Blocked drains are simply a nightmare. Small drain blockages can rapidly cause major drainage & plumbing issues if not addressed promptly. The most common signs of a blocked drain are slow drainage, drains smelling, gurgling noises, rising water levels, sewer overflowing outside from the Over Flow Relief Gully or just plain blocked.

    When water or sewage is flooding your property you need it dealt with as quickly as possible, and you need it done properly. Blackwater from toilets can cause health-related issues due to pathogens, therefore you need to act quickly and have an experienced Canberra plumber, inspect and carry out the required repairs.

    Why do my drains keep getting blocked?

    Often when a drain is blocked we use DIY products such as Draino or Strike and think we’ve resolved the blockage, however, the issue rears it’s ugly head again in a few days or weeks. This is because the blockage was not cleared properly in the first instance. The original blockage issue remains around the edges of the pipes, and as domestic waste products such as grease, food waste, hair and sanitary products are flushed down the drain they become clogged once again at the original blockage location. And once again we have another blocked drain.

    In Canberra the most common cause of blocked drains are tree roots which have broken through into the drain pipe. This is because the houses in the older suburbs have clay drains. Tree roots can crack, break and grow through the old rubber ring style joints of these old drain systems.  When this happens, bits of debris will collect around the tree root and begin to block your drain. DIY or chemical solutions are only a temporary solution (at best) and may remove parts of the blockage, however, these products cannot remove the tree root and will continue to become blocked over and over again.’

    If you have a recurring blockage we can perform a CCTV drain survey to investigate and locate what might be causing this. In some cases the drainage may need to be excavated and repaired with new PVC plastic piping.

    Emergency Plumber Canberra – Our Services

    Our team of experts is trained to deal with every type of blockage in the home. We specialise in providing affordable plumbing services for small issues like a Canberra blocked toilet, to larger problems like clogged drains and pipes. If your pipes have overflowed or not draining due to blockage or clogging, we will also be able to make the necessary repairs and replacements. We are available during standard office hours and for emergencies after hours, so that you can call on us whenever you need us. Our services cover:


    A blocked shower can affect your quality of life and the health of your loved ones. This issue is often caused by a build-up of hair, soap and general dirt that accumulate over time. At the very least, it can be an inconvenience that leaves you unable to shower. At the worst, it can cause long-term issues by damaging the affected pipes, costing you a fortune in repairs. Our team will ensure that the blockage is removed and that there has not been any severe damage to pipes.


    A blocked toilet can make life miserable for you and those around you. From foul smells to overflows, this is a problem that you will want to solve as quickly as possible. Call on us for a quick response. If there is a burst pipe or any underlying issues, we will be able to make the necessary repairs and replacements.


    Sinks are highly susceptible to blockage, as they are used multiple times a day, and often by multiple people. Hair, soap, food and dirt can quickly accumulate and cause significant problems. A blocked sink can be as unhygienic as a blocked toilet and should be treated with as much urgency.

    Pipes and Drains

    A blocked drain Canberra can affect the functioning of your entire home. This problem can be caused by an excessive build-up of waste, broken drainage or by a single large obstruction such as tree roots. A blocked pipe can easily cause further issues if it is not attended to in time. It is therefore essential that you be able to rely on a plumber that can arrive quickly and carry out the job efficiently. At Spencer & Sons, we treat your requests as emergencies. To make sure that things do not get out of hand, call on us the moment you notice a problem, even if it’s ‘after hours.

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    Blocked Drains Help!

      How can I get my drains unblocked?

      To ensure your drain is unblocked properly the first time, it’s best to call in a professional Canberra plumber. Spencer and Sons Plumbing have many years of experience in rectifying blocked drain issues and we are certainly happy to help you! We can use our Rigid Electric Eel machine to clear out any blockages and in most cases, this will solve the issue for you. We also have access to high pressure water jet for those tough, hard to access blockages. Spencer and Sons Plumbing are your local blocked drain experts and we can quickly help get your drains flowing freely again!

      Blocked Drain Plumber Canberra – Our Process

      Because we know that drain blockage is an emergency, we work as quickly and effectively as possible, so you do not have to wait too long. Using a tool called a drain snake or electric eel, we can achieve the best results in the shortest time possible.

      The Electric Eel is a powerful machine that operates using a motor and a spinning cable. This steel cable has a cutting tool at its head, which allows it to easily clean out blocked drains by cutting into obstacles. The electric ell is effective and quick, as getting your drainage pipes working again is important.

      Why Choose Spencer & Sons?


      Our drain cleaning Canberra services are led by excellent customer service, and a mission to provide a 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We are not just plumbers, but a team of experts who want to ensure peace of mind for our clients. From our friendly office staff to our professionally trained plumbers, we offer an experience that is founded on the utmost respect for the people we serve.

      Skill and Experience

      We have been in business since 1927. That means we have spent decades learning all there is to know about being the best blocked drain plumber Canberra has ever seen. As leaders in the industry, we understand how to solve various problems faced by our clients, including repeat blocked drains Canberra residents struggle with.


      Our years of experience have taught us to deliver a service that is fast and efficient. We believe that clients should not have to wait to have their drainage problems solved. That means being able to respond quickly to emergencies, as well as carrying out or work within a reasonable time.

      Emergency Service

      While we offer regular office hours, we know that plumbing issues cannot always be planned for. We have a 24-hour emergency service that allows you to call on us whenever you need us. You do not have to leave your problems until the next morning. We are here for you!


      A professional drain specialist Canberra and surrounds can be an unexpected and unmanageable expense. Spencer & Sons have become associated with being able to provide the quality service you deserve, at a reasonable and competitive cost. We know that you cannot be prepared for everything in life, so we make it easy for you and your budget.

      Contact us today for help with your blocked drains.

      If you have blocked drains; you don’t want to wait around or have the problem only temporarily solved via supermarket products. We are highly skilled at drain clearing and we aim to resolve any Canberra blocked drain problem quickly and efficiently. From showers and toilets to sinks and entire drain systems, we are trained to fix underlying issues and provide long-lasting solutions. Our team offers a professional service that puts you at ease throughout the whole process. Contact us here or give us a call on 02 6254 8535 to speak to one of our friendly staff and receive a free quote.

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